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    What prompted you to do a television show?

    There is a feeling of pride in hosting a show that will put India on the global platform and bring fame to the common man, who can do uncommon things.

    I also loved the fact that people don't come here with any preconceived notions.

    And of course, because I love adventure.

    I have done it all, from rifle shooting, bungee jumping, scuba and sky diving... I'm more of a tomboy, and this show suited me. I would have been suffocated if I just had to deck up and sit.

    Was it a spontaneous decision?

    Yes, I have always been spontaneous in my decisions. The fact that I jumped into cricket was a very big decision at the peak of my career. I got into films in the same way.

    So you were always a tomboy?

    If you look at my childhood photos, you will see me with fractures, scratches and bruises. And I didn't look like a girl!

    Did you beat up any boys?

    I grew up with mostly boys. I have older and younger brothers. What I learnt from them is that if you have any issues, sort it out right then and there.

    I have bashed up boys in Delhi and Mumbai. You should attempt hitting someone only when you are wearing good shoes. And no need to be a commando -- just hit and run! (laughs)

    It looks like you have lost weight.

    Honestly, it's because I'm getting back to films and entertainment. I had let myself go in cricket. When you are acting, we have to wear short skirts and look fit. But in cricket, we're wearing jeans and the Kings XI t-shirt, and no make up. I didn't have to care about posing then, and looking like a heroine. I had put on around 7.5 kilos.

    There were rumours that you want to sell your cricket team.

    That's a random rumour. I don't think I will ever get out of it completely. It's my baby; I have so worked hard on it. I have given my life to it.

    Are you doing any films?

    Yes. I will be doing some cool films after the IPL. The producer will make the announcement.

    ...being a human...



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