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    Default Preity shoots in freezing temperature in Paris

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    Preity Zinta's Ishkq In Paris which was recently shot in the city of love, Paris, faced a huge hurdle during its shoot, winter. In fact the crew was recently shooting there during the coldest winter recorded in the past 65 years in Europe. The shot involved the lead pair, Preity and Rhehan, shooting atop the Eiffel Tower and had Preity sans the usual fur coats and the insulation against the cold.

    However, Preity being the professional that she is shot the scene in the biting cold since they had to complete the shot that day itself. The reason being, apart from the getting the permission and the weather conditions acting up, the location was one of the most expensive places to shoot at.

    Speaking about the said sequence, director Prem Raj says, "We shot in Paris, which saw the coldest winter in 65 years. Apart from the fact that we withstood the weather and successfully shot there, we also managed to get permission to shoot at the Eiffel Tower and other iconic locations that very few manage to."



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