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    Default I pray for SRK: Amar Singh

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    Amar Singh is hale and hearty and recuperating from surgery in

    But he’s not too pleased with Shah Rukh Khan. Says Singh, “He says he’ll pray for my physical and mental health. Why? Because I commented on his detention at the US airport? Please tell him that I’m fine, both physically and mentally. But I pray for a better zubaan for Shah Rukh. He must understand that I didn’t comment on him. I commented on an issue much larger than his detention. Where were those four central ministers who’ve been so vocal about Shah Rukh’s detention, when Abdul Kalam was detained at an airport? Why didn’t they speak up then? Why has Shah Rukh’s detention become a national issue? If it has, let’s immediately cancel all diplomatic ties with the US.”

    Singh says that such detention at international airports is no big deal. “Indians are stripped and frisked routinely at London airport. Amitji has been similarly detained in France and Switzerland. Have you ever heard him complain? And he isn’t even a Khan. My wife was detained at an international airport recently. So what’s the hue and cry about?”

    On a more cheerful note, the sharp-tongued politician is happy with his recuperation. “My kidney transplant has been performed successfully. But I’m here in Singapore till at least September 10, under medical observation. After that, I’m free to return. But I haven’t really taken a decision on when to return. I’m very happy here. My wife is here, and so is my elder brother, Amitji. I won’t insult our relationship by saying he’s my friend. Friends toh aate jaate hain, sukh-dukh mein. No friend does what Amitji’s done for me. He’s been with me here, looking after me. I must’ve done something really good in my past life to deserve this.”

    Singh says his health deteriorated because of the way the Congress government used him during the last Lok Sabha elections. “I completely blame the Manmohan Singh government. They needed me to increase their vote bank in certain areas and to fight certain elements in UP. When Soniaji requested me, I couldn’t say no, although she had treated Jayaji rather badly, had my phones tapped, and been unfair to Mulayam Singhji. But I went all out, at the cost of my health.”

    Now this voluble politician has learnt his lesson. “Today, I know nothing matters more than my health. Not my political allies, for sure. If I died, what would they do? Hold a condolence meeting and move on. Mahatma Gandhi, Nehruji, Indiraji, Rajivji – they all died. But the government and the world moved on. No. I’ve realised that only family and a few close friends matter, like my brother Amitji, Anil Ambani and Sanjay Dutt.”

    Singh intends to change his political strategy after his return. “I’m done with running around, even for my own party. That’s for sure. I’ll take it easy. God has given me a second life and I intend to make the best of it. I won’t be bending backwards to be help my colleagues. I now know their worth.”

    He also chooses to dissociate himself from the film industry. “I don’t belong to the film industry. I don’t have any links there. The fact that Amitji is an actor is just a coincidence.”

    The kidney donor is apparently a very close member of Amar Singh’s permanent staff. Says Singh, “I’d appreciate it if his name isn’t mentioned. My donor is very close to me, and not even from my community.

    He’s a simple man from the village. He wants no publicity. His generosity has saved my life. It’s amazing how much of what God has given us is taken for granted until it’s almost snatched away from us.”

    Happy and comfortable in Singapore, the only absence in Amar Singh’s life is his twin daughters. “I do miss them. But they have school to attend in Delhi. I talk to them every day via video conference.”

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