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    Default Prateik: I am comfortable with media now

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    After being a part of Bollywood for 4 years, Prateik feels he's gained maturity over the period of time and he his coming to terms with various aspects of the film industry. Says Prateik, "Definitely, I am more mature today. I am coming to terms with various aspects of the film industry."

    Having said that, Prateik also feels that it's not easy to understand each and every nuance of the vast industry even if spends years here. "I don't think I will understand each and everything even if I reach Amitabh Bachchan age. There are so many things to learn," says the 25-year old actor.

    Prateik, who always seemed a bit uncomfortable facing media, is now enjoying all the attention he gets. "I am coming to terms with media. I am comfortable and enjoying all the media attention today,"



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