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    Default Prakash Raj arrives 3 hours late for Salman's shoot

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    Normally it is Salman Khan who makes the crew wait for his late arrival. But this time it was the villain of Salman starrer Dabangg 2, Prakash Raj, who reported 3 hours late for the shoot. Reason, he had a party to attend the previous night.

    A source revealed, "May 3 was the first day shoot of the second schedule of Dabangg 2 in Mazgaon at St Mary School. The call time was 9 am and Prakash Raj came in at 12 pm. Luckily, he didn't have any scene with Salman Khan, or else Sallu would have to wait. Salman's call time was 2 pm."

    The source continues, "Since Prakash is not from Mumbai, he resides at his sister's house in Malad, and a car from the production team was sent to fetch him. Till he arrived the entire unit killed their time in playing cricket. Director Arbaaz Khan was surprisingly not upset."

    "As soon as Prakash Raj arrived he apologized for being late and told them that he was celebrating his sister's anniversary party the previous night. Arbaaz was all ok with it, and Raj was ready within 15 minutes for his scene. Luckily, there was no delay caused for Sallu's shoot time," added the source.



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