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    Default 'Pop-rock was hard genre for me'- Anuj Sharma

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    Anuj Sharma, the second runner up of Indian Idol-2 has come up with his new album 'Khwaab' which is his first solo album. Relieved, Anuj says that he has finally came out of that Indian Idol phase.

    Says the emerging star, "Actually, I was busy all of last year just completing my Indian Idol projects given to me by the channel. I had little time to work on my own stuff at the time since that was a commitment. But, as soon as it was over, I immediately shifted focus to my own career, which, according to me is not restricted to Indian Idol. Releasing a solo album was then the obvious first step towards that goal."

    When asked how he found his way amidst the vast talent pool and innumerable levels of red tape, the humble musician adds, "It all happened because of Gaurav Dayal who supported me and shaped me in this album. I have never tried pop-rock kind of song as I usually sing all that Sukhwinder types of song but Guarav made to rehearse the genres, leaving me alone in the studio for almost one hour as he was not getting the output which he wanted in the title song with pop-rock soul."

    "After coming back, Gaurav made me to sing the song after which he made me to hear it and gave a round of applause for the efforts, even though pop-rock was hard for me but after the hard work it all came in the pipeline," signs off Anuj.

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