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    Default Poonam Pandey's love for booze!

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    Controversy lover, Poonam Pandey loves boozing...!

    After the title of her debut film was kept as 'Nasha', the sultry siren is now promoting her favorite pass time on Twitter, thus encouraging her fans to drink! In one of the tweets, she used a quote to show off her booze love.

    It read, "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy. -Frank Sinatra".

    Another tweet read, "Booze might be man's worst enemy, but only a coward runs from his enemies."

    In another tweet, she also asked fans to try cigar! She said, "It's a great day to enjoy a cigar and a sip of your favorite booze, because today ends in 'Y'."

    Well....we hope you are aware of the side-effects of alcohol....we would say stop promoting it if you seriously take it as a promotional strategy for your film.... it's a pretty bad idea.



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