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    Default Poonam Pandey slams Bipasha Basu!

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    Men don’t seem to have been offended by Bipasha Basu’s comment against them as much as controversy queen Poonam Pandey has. Following Bipasha’s remark about men being losers, Poonam Pandey seems to have become the advocate of the tribe of all men.

    After Bips said in an interview that all men are losers, Poonam Pandey defended men by saying that Bipasha hadn`t really met a man yet. The bikini queen went on to call Bipasha a “loser”, who is "unsatisfied" with her career.

    “If today`s "guys are losers," will you settle with a filthy, old rich man? tsk tsk”, said Poonam.

    Poonam further tweeted: "For an actor who is "unsatisfied" with her career after a decade in Bollywood, clearly, Who is the "loser" here?"

    Bipasha had also said that guys are looking only for mothers. To which Poonam said: “If you have been "mothering" your men, seriously, I got two words for you. Grow Up!”
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