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    Default Poonam Pandey makes a fool of SRK by posting fake pic

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    She might have taken the whole of the country under her spell, thanks to her cheap antics, but Poonam Pandey seems to have been a sissy when it comes to going full-monty. And coming to think of it, it sounds so ironic since her claim to fame was actually her claim to go nude. That’s exactly what she did recently when Shah Rukh Khan’s team Kolkata Knight Riders got their hands on the IPL trophy after defeating Chennai Super Kings in the finale. Pandey posted a picture of hers on Twitter post the win where she is wearing nothing at all, with her essentials kept hidden strategically. But now, photoshop experts say that photo is shamelessly morphed.

    It should be put to light that we had not heard of anybody known as Poonam Pandey before the Cricket World Cup in the subcontinent took place last year. She had claimed that she’d go nude if India could win it. India eventually did win the world cup, but the lass did not fulfill her side of the promise. The latest case seems to be similar too. Her claimed ‘nude’ pic has actually been photoshopped from her old photo shoot, where the background and all is absolutely the same.

    Though we see what the experts mean, but what we fail to understand is why Pandey would take solace in a software, to appear how she has, when she has not even shown anything ultimately. Anyway, we’d wait for her to comment over this.
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