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    Default Pooja Missra-Pooja Bedi's catfight turns uglier

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    It is known news to all that Pooja Bedi and Pooja Missra who participated in a reality show, could not see eye-to-eye. Now the Catfight between Pooja Misrra and Pooja Bedi is not going to stop as Pooja Misrra sent Legal Notice to Pooja Bedi.

    Ask her what actually prompted her to take legal action against the actor, Misrra and she says, "Pooja Bedi has always been a culprit in spreading rumours and making defamatory comments against me. In "Bigg Boss", she was the one who started buzzing about me that I have a psychological imbalance,.

    What sort of legal notice has she sent to Pooja Bedi? "I sent her a legal notice on March 21 stating clearly that she should refrain from making defamatory comments against me in the public and the media. If she repeats the same thing again, she will be inviting legal action. To me, it's just a publicity stunt to create sensation using my name," she points out.

    Would she like to disclose which married man is Pooja Bedi pointing her fingers at? "He is a married man and I would not like to ruin his image. I am not that sort of a girl who uses others to solve their purpose. I had a huge fan following through which I used to connect with my readers. Some people didn't like my popularity. So, they hacked the account,"says a miffed Pooja.

    Who does she think is behind the hacking of her account? "Obviously, it is Pooja Bedi or somebody close to her who tried their best to ruin my image." Pooja signs off.[/CENTER]



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