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    Default Pooja Bhatt to direct two films back-to-back in 18 months

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    She has self-admittedly tasted blood. The success of Jism 3 has whetted Pooja Bhatt, whose has developed an appetite for more directorial ventures, is all set to start two films one after another.

    Yes, Pooja is all set to direct two back-to-back films within the next 18 months. A first for this feisty actress-turned-director whose Jism and its sequel have broken new grounds in mainstream Hindi cinema.

    While Jism 3, is now in the planning stage, the director has now started working on her pet project Cabaret. Avers Pooja, “After having tasted blood with Jism 2, I don’t want to get off the filmmaking treadmill.”

    Pooja goes on to add that she will start Jism 3 first as I’m committed to completing Jism 3 first and releasing it by the winter of 2013. But scripting for both Jism 3 and Cabaret has started simultaneously. Both will release in the next 18 months.”

    Jism 3 would have two hotties vying to attract eyeballs, Ram Gopal Varma muse Nathalia Kaur may be one of them. Admits Pooja, “Yes, there might be two girls in Jism 3. As for Nathalia, my dad (Mahesh Bhatt) really liked her pics and suggested that I consider her for Jism 3.So we’re certainly looking at that option.”

    As for Cabaret, the lead would be very hard to find and Pooja is getting ready for an intense struggle to get that in place. “Casting Cabaret is a tough one! I need a woman who is not only an amazing dancer but an intelligent actress as well. My ideal actress for Cabaret would be someone with Helen’s grace sensuality and innocence combined with Smita Patil’s searing intensity and heart-wrenching honesty.”

    But Pooja is determined to crack the casting for both the projects within the next few months and complete the two on target within the next 18 months.



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