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    Default Pooja Bedi denies getting engaged to Akashdeep Sehgal

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    During the Bigg Boss show, we have noticed Akashdeep and Pooja's close bonding and developing relationship. Though the affair between the duo has not confirmed yet, we have seen Pooja standing by Sky in every aspect during their stay in the house. Ever since Sky told Pooja that he adores him, Pooja is all praises for him. She is seen supporting him all the time in the show.

    After the season ended, their relationship continued to be pretty thick and strong. They went to Dubai together to chill out and of late, have emerged as best of friends.

    But when it comes to something more than friendship rumors, both have been denying it and calling it utter rubbish. Somehow people can’t stop talking about them. Some also say that Pooja has got engaged to Sky and she is wearing a gold engagement ring. But keeping the records straight, the lovely lady entirely denied it

    “Engaged?”… No way. May be it’s due to the gold ring I am wearing. It’s something that my astrologer has suggested me to wear. My engagement ring will be a proper diamond one,” she went on smiling.

    When asked as to why people keep talking about her and Sky and if something is brewing between the two, she retorted, “No way. I think we are too open with each other being good friends. I think I should tell Sky to shut a little bit (laughs). Beyond that, I can’t really stop people from thinking or saying what they want to”.

    Hmm…Pooja, we just hope that you and Sky remain pals for eternity!!!



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