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    Default Police caught Chashme Baddor actors for breaking rule

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    Shooting for a film might be tiring and taxing, but every film does leave lasting memories for the actors as they take back interesting anecdotes, pranks and even embarrassing moments.

    To break the monotony of long hour shooting schedules, actors play many a pranks with their co-stars, but rarely does it happen that their fun rides sometimes land them into trouble, and even more so if the hand is that of law.

    But something like that happened with actors Ali Zafar, Divyendu and Siddharth in Goa when they were caught by the traffic police while shooting for their upcoming comedy Chashme Baddoor, remake of the 80's hit by the same name. Trying to kill the boredom and using the extra time at hand, the three actors took to the streets on a two wheeler, riding triples. Little did they know that they will land in the hands of the cops for breaking the rule.

    Since they didn't return to the shooting site in time, the crew got worried and had launch a mission to locate them. When they were finally located, they were found trying to convince the cops that they were not breaking the law, but their riding the bike in triples was a part of the scene in their film for which they were shooting there. The crew reached just in time to intervene and convinced the cops to let the actors go.

    Rules are after all rules. And we hope the three young actors learnt the lesson in the right spirit.



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