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    Exclamation Please hurry up, Aishwarya is waiting

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    Please hurry up, Aishwarya is waiting
    Abhishek Bachchan, who is the Brand Ambassador of Motorola series of phone, dances on a famous South Indian song now.

    Although Jr Bachchan rocks in the ad and we had never seen him tapping his toes so funnily and gracefully for any other tune. But if you think that is what all I have to say, you have to hold a little more as it's not about him dancing for other's amusement. The B junior dances for his family also. How? Let's see.

    Yesterday, during a media event of Motorola, he was continuously smiling and giggling hard just like his wife Aishwarya does. He was there for quite some time and media kept on asking why his wife Aishwarya did not accompany him.

    He simply smiled and said, "She was busy shooting and hence could not make it to the event".

    Meanwhile, his phone kept ringing loudly and no prices for guessing who would have been calling him.

    It was wife Aishwarya who was eagerly waiting for him at home and the moment he answered her call in front of media by saying yes and soon, he said, "You all know who is waiting so, please hurry up. It's family time now and my family is calling".

    See, how a family makes a six feet da jawan dance so well. He cannot even response to poor journalists for a while.

    Well, his dance deserves the clap at least, as it's for the joy of getting close to the once beautiful (after Katrina Aishwarya is litle side lined) Aishwarya, the bahu of Bachchan dynasty.



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