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    Default ‘Phoonk 2’ Throws Challenge Of Rs. 5 Lakhs Cash Prize

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    Ram Gopal Verma unveiled his latest horror film 'Phoonk 2' for the first time at Cinemax Versova on Tuesday. This movie is reported to be the scariest movies ever made in Bollywood.

    Ramu even challenged the viewers that if anybody successfully watches the whole movie alone in a theatre with a normal heart beat and without closing his eyes will receive an award of Rs. 5 lakhs in cash. The contestants will be monitored by the media and officials sitting outside the theatre.

    'Phoonk 2' is the sequel of movie 'Phoonk'. When the previous version ‘Phoonk’ was released, a similar challenge was put forward for the viewers and according to Ramu the contestant who agreed to watch the movie alone couldn’t even view it for 30 minutes.

    However, there was a lot of controversy regarding ‘Phoonk’ stating that the movie was not scary at all. So, this time Ram Gopal Verma will adopt a more scientific approach for the contest.

    Sources reported, "For 'Phoonk 2', we are adopting a very scientific method. The contestant will be fitted with an ECG machine while 'Phoonk 2' plays. The machine will monitor his heartbeat and pulse rate and this will be shown live on a screen outside the theatre to both the media and all concerned."

    The contest details will be available on the film’s official website Ram Gopal Varma's Phoonk2 Official Website, Directed by Milind Gadagkar. Any one from India can take part in the contest provided the contestant falls under the age group of 18-60 years. Contestants will be selected through a random computerized draw

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