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    So finally, the brand has made its debut in the fashion mecca of the country, aka Mumbai, the brand which has been making buzz from the time its proponent started promoting it, the brand being 'Being Human', and the brand promoter and its celebrity endorser being Salman Khan. The catalyst for opening of the brand would have in one way or the other been the phenomenal successes that Salman Khan has enjoyed recently at the box office, especially after DABANGG 2. After Salman evolved the brand, he has been promoting it through all the events that he publicly graces and endorses, and it included 'Big Boss' as well. The other trigger for opening of the brand store could be the fakes of 'Being Human' flooding the market.

    As a matter of fact the success or failure of a brand is determined by the volumes of its fakes available in the market and from that perspective 'Being Human' indeed has evolved as a brand which does not have the backing of a media plan or a marketing strategy, but has been a success owing to its brand promoter Salman Khan. Indeed, such has been the success of the 'Being Human' brand, that it would become a case study for the media strategists and market gurus of how a brand can be built without chalking up a strategy, then buying media time to push it. 'Being Human' indeed could be one of the biggest brands that have evolved from India in the recent times to take the world of fashion by storm, manifest from the fact that anybody and everybody who is conscious about brands and fashion has the desire to own a brand displaying the brand name ''Being Human''.



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