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    Default I want people to feel sorry for me: Lisa Ray

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    Lisa Ray

    Actress Lisa Ray who recently revealed that she has cancer has been updating her blog regularly, sharing her experience and her thoughts with fans and readers, trying to create awareness and perhaps build some sensitivity among people. Her most recent blog post is more direct and honest than most people would have imagined. She speaks about using humour to deal with the darkest situation a person can be faced with – impending death, and more importantly about a feeling of betrayal that she has now started feeling.

    Here are some snippets from the post. “I ve decided now I want people to feel sorry for me. Especially people in check out lines.”I ve started joking bout playing the Cancer Card. What s the use of being part of this Club if there aren t benefits? I m not collecting any frequent flier points every time I check into the Chemo Daycare Clubhouse. I get juice. I get warm blankets. I get liquid flush into the shadow life of my veins and I get to make little sounds that offend. Oh yeah: and I m Blitzkrieging my way to Full Remission.

    “But these days I m in the mood to negotiate. Maybe because my Yellow is getting stronger. Or maybe my container, my facade of control is liquifying along with my marrow. My body has betrayed me and I m finally feeling it.” Meanwhile, her film Cooking With Stella is ready for its premiere in Toronto. Her friend and director Dilip Mehta who has been most vocal about Lisa’s strength is in Canada for the premiere of the film.



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