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    Actor Ira Dubey talks about her love for the stage and how she too wants to own a theatre like Prithvi, one day
    It might have been actress Ira Dubey's first visit to Lucknow, but the city certainly didn't seem alien to her. For, as she explains, "My mother, Lillete Dubey, has lived and studied in this city, and I have heard a lot of stories about Lucknow from her. So, even though this is my maiden visit here, I know everything about Lucknow. From the famous Loreto Convent school where my mom studied, to Ram Advani's bookshop, I had information about everything. And since I'm a big time foodie, the first thing that I did after landing here was to eat the famous kebabs. They were so yummy!"
    Back to what brings Ira to Lucknow in the first place, an ongoing theatre fest, she confesses that even though she's acted in a Bollywood film, Aisha, her heart lies in theatre. A reality that helped her cope with the fact that she hasn't exactly seen directors lining up outside her doors since Aisha released. "My acting skills were appreciated by the critics but to be very frank, I was not flooded with acting offers. There were a few but they didn't interest me."
    Talking about her love for theatre, Ira continues, "Just like my mom, even my heart is in doing theatre. I know, thousands of girls come to Mumbai every day to become actresses but I am really not one of them. I don't have Bollywood dreams. You know, I have literally grown up on the stage. I actually took my first baby steps on the stage. By the time I was nine years old, I would handle a lot of work of my mom's production house. Now, mom talks about how I would sell tickets, hand out brochures to the audience before the play, welcome the chief guest and so on. Everyone, from my dad and mom to my sis and myself - we are all crazy about theatre and people call us a nautanki family! My dream is to own a theatre like Prithvi and I am working towards it." At the same time, practical considerations insist on raising their heads and Ira is not immune to them. And so, she will never give Bollywood a miss entirely. In fact, she says she will shortly be shooting for a film in Delhi. "You can't earn your bread and butter from theatre," she shrugs and adds, "Agar aisa hota toh my dad, Ravi Dubey, would have settled professionally in theatre only. Magar he chose a career in the corporate world and decided to pursue his passion on the side. No matter how much theatre might have progressed today, you still need to do TV and films to run a family. Look at actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Anup Soni among others. They do TV and films along with theatre."
    And the actress is open to TV as well. "A fiction show," Ira stresses and adds, "I would love to do television soaps but not the saas bahu variety. If someday, we have a show like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Sex And The City on Indian television, I would love to be a part of them."
    Talking about Delhi, Ira, who is a frequent traveler to the city, has been researching a lot about its law and order situation over the last few days, after the Delhi gang rape case. "Frankly, Mumbai is much safer than Delhi. I have been reading about rape cases in Delhi and I was shocked to know that, as per a research, maximum such cases in India happen in Delhi. It was good to see that people got together and came out on streets to demand justice for the girl, but the irony is that such cases happen daily in India. The worst part about us Indians is that after the protests, there is no one to follow up the results of those very protests. It is sad to see that a place like Delhi, which should ideally have the best law and order situation in the country being the political capital, has the worst," she rues.



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