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    Arrow Big B pays glowing tribute to Shashi Kapoor

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    Writes Bachchan: "In Mumbai, Shashi ji had always been a great support. I would visit him on set when I was looking for a job. He was already an established star by then, and he would introduce me to all his directors. He never worked on Sundays and would spend the day with his two sons and daughter by the swimming pool at the Sun n Sand Hotel in Juhu. We would land up via the beach near the Hotel to see him, going in by the main entrance was impossible for us, and waited anxiously for him to notice us so we could spend some time with him."

    "Very shortly he was working in the James Ivory - Ismail Merchant Production of the film ' Filmvalas' and we approached him if we could get a job in this production. Ismail Merchant, the producer of the film called us one fine day and said there some small parts which we could do and that he would pay us Rs 500/- for it. The scene that morning was of Shashiji's death, where his body was being taken in procession to the burning pier for cremation. I was asked to be among those that formed the pall bearers along with several other junior artists in the sequence, to carry the body. After a couple of shots we were asked to stand amongst the crowd as mourners as the shooting progressed. Shashi ji was not at the shoot, obviously, but dropped by later at the location. When he saw what we had been asked to do, he walked up to me in the crowd of mourners where I was standing as a junior artist, or the 'extra' and asked me to move. "Don't do these bit parts" he advised, "you are made for better things" and then spoke to the director to delete those portions of mine from the film."

    Bachchan also reminisces his 'Deewar' days with Shashi Kapoor. "I had travelled from being an 'extra' in Shashi Kapoor's film to playing a prominent role along him. At the premiere of 'Deewar' in 1975, I drove with my parents and family via Marine Drive to the Minerva Cinema.The film started and Shashi ji was beside me in the next seat. We never said a word. Premier butterflies. But when the scene under the bridge started, the 'mere pass maa hai' moment, I felt a gentle hand on mine. It was Shashi ji's. He never spoke, but the way he held my hand said everything. It was reassurance, it was affection, it was acknowledgement, it was complimentary, it was appreciation."

    Amitabh also recalls that his screen chemistry with Shashi Kapoor was so excellent that, most often, it gave the leading ladies a complex: "Shashi Kapoor and I became inseparables in many successful ventures that followed. Leading ladies would shy away from our projects by proclaiming that there would be nothing left for them to do once SK and AB were there together."


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