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    Paoli Dam to go bare for 'Choli Ke Peeche'
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    Default Paoli Dam to go bare for 'Choli Ke Peeche'

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    Bengali beauty Paoli Dam is the latest sex siren in Bollywood. Paoli's bold and nude scenes in 'Hate Story' will definitely give sleepless nights to other girls in Bollywood. Though Paoli dam is a new name in bollywood but she is an established bengali actress whose known for controversies and her bold scenes. The bengali actress has been in news for her bold sex scenes in the movie Chatrak (Mushroom, 2011).

    Recently Paoli Dam has been making headlines for her latest bold acts in Vikarm Bhatt's forthcoming flick 'Hate Story'. The official trailer of the film 'Hate Story' has been released and it is creating waves on internet these days for Paoli’s sultry acts.

    After creating quite a stir in the movie promos, the actress is all set to go nude for an international project. The movie is titled ‘Choli Ke Peeche’ and it was earlier offered to Nandana Sen as well as Shahana Goswami. Both the actresses rejected the offer due to nudity and the role was ultimately bagged by Dam.

    Everyone is aware that Paoli does not have any qualms shedding clothes and while talking to the reporters, she said that she is a performer and that when she bares it all then it is for her job. The actress added that she does not have any inhibitions and that she just concentrates in playing a character.

    The girl’s identity in the bold poster of ‘Hate Story’ was kept under wraps for long. Paoli said, “I had no idea that my character and my identity on the poster would be kept a mystery. When the poster featuring my back was released, a lot of people who knew I was doing the film asked me who was on the poster. I just asked them to wait and watch.”

    However, Dam also added that if she is not comfortable with anything then she will not hesitate to refuse it. Meanwhile, the Censor Board has told the makers of the movie ‘Hate Story’ to censor the sex talk in the movie. This has definitely not gone down well with the director Vivek Agnihotri who is full of praises for the actress. Agnihotri said that the board has some old fashioned people and after deleting the scenes and muting the words, the boldness of the movie will not come through effectively.



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