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    Default Pankaj Kapoor to publish his love letters in form of book

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    Pankaj Kapoor has collected love letters that all the women in his life have ever written to him.

    Now Pankaj wants to do something beautiful with it... he wants to publish them as a book of love letters or love notes, more like ode to the romance and he wants to do at the eve of his romantic directorial debut film Mausam's release. He wants to use Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in rain picture, on the cover, which is favourite moment from the film.

    This actor turned director has preserved all the hand written love letters he received since his school days to date and over the years there are quite a few. Laughs Pankaj Kapoor, "What can I say, I was and am a very romantic guy and girls are quiet fond of me. Most of the love letters are poems, shairies, couplets and beautiful emotions."

    Adds source, "He has a good collection of more than 400 letters; he wants to remove the personal names and personal connotation before publishing them. It's very important that this exercise doesn't hurt any of the loved ones."

    The book will be called Mausam of Love!

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    lolzzz bas yehi reh gaya tha



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