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    Default I never had any problem in Pakistan: Ali Zafar

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    Ali Zafar is busy juggling between the promotions of his upcoming film Chashme Baddoor and shooting for Aman Ki Asha. The actor speaks to TOI about Chashme Baddoor, David Dhawan and claims that he enjoys music and acting at the same time.

    How did you get Chashme Baddoor? Tell us something about your role?
    I got a call for this film and that's when I saw the original film. I loved character and everything fell in place. There are lot of changes in the script, narration and adapted to modern time. I am playing Farooq Shaikh's character from the old film.

    With time things have changed. How do you see that and is there any conscious decision to make Chashme Baddoor for this age?
    Every time has its own demands and there is a speed. In today's world youth needs everything fast and the patience level of audience have also reduced. To keep them engaged throughout has become difficult. There are more angles in the film; Rishi Kapoor is playing an important angle. The basic plot and soul has not been touched. We have maintained honesty.

    You have played different characters. Is any character close to you?
    An actor needs to play the character which is demanded in the film. In Mere Brother Ki Dulhan there was a flamboyant and loud character. While, in Chasme Badoor he is simple, direct and has two friends who are contrast. All I would say that it depends how you enjoy the characters.

    How was your experience with David Dhawan?
    It's great to work with David Dhawan. His style of telling things is interesting. There is a kid in David Dhawan and he is young at heart.

    What are the things you consider while making a choice between various offers?
    I look for two things- script, role and the people whom I work with. I want to work with good people and don't want negative people. There are few people, who are angry and create tension for others. I will be away from such people.

    What matters to you, box office or critical acclaim?
    We make films to make profit. At the end of the day if it makes money everyone is happy. If the movie doesn't do well, but get critical acclaim no one is happy. Both are important, but box office is important as I want my film to make money for their investors.

    Has music taken backseat due to acting career?
    I am doing both simultaneously. In my next, I am doing music for the film. At times, I also write songs and I am doing music actively. Everything I do is related to films.

    What is the difference between industry in Pakistan and India? Did you ever face any problem in Pakistan as you act in Indian films?
    Bollywood is a big industry and everything is like corporate world. In Pakistan film industry is not big. There is no policy from government for films in Pakistan. I never had any problem in Pak and they give me lot of love.



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