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    Default Pairon Talle' is not about the Delhi of 'Delhi 6'

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    The media keeps reporting about the high crime rate in Delhi-NCR but not many films tried to explore the reasons behind it. Now, director Sidharth Srinivasan has come up with a film that will focus on the paradoxes existing in the neo-rich world of Delhi.
    Srinivasan explains about his film, ‘This is a story of disenfranchisement, on violence whether on the basis of caste or land or gender, this is an ode to the city of Delhi, its outskirts known as NCR, which was supposed to be the symbol of modernisation and growth. I was actually amazed to see the high crime rate in this region, Aarush, Nithari, call center cab, there were several such incidents, so the story emerged due to this dichotomy, from the differences in what wee hear about NCR and what the reality is.”
    He further says, “We started visiting the place and realised that there is a conflict between traditions and modernity in those areas. Communities that were living on those lands since centuries were suddenly selling their land and becoming multi-millionaires. The intention was not to pass judgement, it’s not an issue based film per se but shows the changing contours of urban India.”
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