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    Default More pain for director Pain of Chittagong; loses the film's DPX File

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    There seems to be no end to the Chittagong director Bedabrata Pain’s troubles. Having gone through the worst nightmare possible of losing his child and then facing prolonged delays in the making of his film, on Wednesday… Pain lost the DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) file from his computer’s data drive. This essentially means the director at the moment, has lost his entire film when it is only a month away from release.

    Barely able to contain his anguish yet calm Bedo said on Wednesday afternoon, “It really couldn’t get any worse than this, though in my case, the bar for trouble just keeps getting raised on every occasion. But yes, the latest crisis is a serious blow to my film. The DPX which contains my entire film on the digital format is lost from my data drive. In principle, this means I’ve lost my film at the moment in the digital and print format because we were going to make the prints out of the digital format.”

    Luckily for Bedo he has a friend in Los Angeles with whom another copy of the DPX is kept. “I had the presence of mind to do that before I left LA. I am hoping and praying he still has it.”

    In the meanwhile another crisis loomed over Chittagong when it was discovered that that the film’s title was registered with Ashutosh Gowariker.

    Said Bedo, “I don’t know how everyone from my team overlooked the process of registering the title. We are all new to the protocol of filmmaking. Anyways, Ashutosh was most gracious and he gladly parted with the title. So that has been sorted. But our other crisis regarding the loss of the DPX is a far greater blow. Until my friend from LA finds it on his data drive we can only wait and hope that all is not lost.”



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