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    Default PAAN SINGH TOMAR: Film with a reality touch

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    One thing has to be given to Tigmanshu Dhuliya, the director of Irrfan Khan starrer, the films that he makes, and that includes PAAN SINGH TOMAR have an element of reality- a slice of urban history, or a slice of rural history, peppered with contemporary social realities. After all, he has honed his teeth in the hotbed of Indian politics, Allahabad, which indeed is the political nursery, and the adjoining areas especially the Bundelkhand region, from where students throng to Allahabad for their studies. These students from Bundelkhand region have amazing folklore tales about PAAN SINGH TOMAR and one assumes that it could have been the trigger to bring this forgotten part of our history back into the public realm through cinematic oeuvre.

    Indeed, cinema from this perspective does a yeoman's service in bridging the missing gaps in our social history. Were it not for Tigmanshu Dhuliya's PAAN SINGH TOMAR, one wonders whether the urban populace of our country would even have been aware about his existence and how a man who once was a sports star became a dacoit and a dreaded one at that.

    Tigmanshu Dhuliya also needs to be complemented about the choice of the actor, Irrfan Khan to play the role of PAAN SINGH TOMAR as he is one of those actors who just seeps into the character and allows the character to develop and establish a bond with the audience. PAAN SINGH TOMAR is one such character in our history that needs to establish a bond with the audience.



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