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    Default An Overprotective Brother! - Fardeen Khan

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    Not so long ago, Fardeen was violently against his sister Laila's relationship with Farhan Furniturewalla. Fardeen and Farhan even had a fight in a suburban night-club.

    However, now that the dust has settled, Fardeen has no objections to Farhan's relationship with Laila. This must be a relief for his sister, as Laila and Farhan have decided to tie the knot. Add to this, Laila will even join Farhan in London for a short holiday.

    A source said, “Recently, the two families sat down together and sorted out everything. They realised that Laila and Farhan are extremely serious about each other.”

    Confirming that Laila and he have decided to get married, Farhan said, “I can't confirm the month and the venue, but yes, Laila and I will be getting married. We have spoken about it. And Fardeen is very excited about our marriage.”

    Farhan also confirmed that Laila will be joining him in London soon. He said, “Actually, I am going to London and China for work. Soon after I leave, Laila will come to London for a few days.”

    So now Farhan is the accepted son-in-law in the Khan household. But why did Fardeen have a change of heart? Farhan brushed it off, “Oh, that was just a misunderstanding. That's all over now.”

    Farhan was earlier married to Pooja Bedi. They've been divorced, so isn't Farhan skeptical of getting married for the second time, we asked? Farhan laughed and said, “There are some cases where a person has a fear of remarrying. But if you meet the right person (read Laila Khan) that fear goes away.”

    We called Laila, who said, “All is well and I am very happy. Farhan has already spoken to you and that's enough. When I'm ready to talk further, I will definitely speak.”

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