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    Default Oscar winner Resul Pookutty to sound mix Bhansali's next film

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    Sanjay Leela Bhansali talks about Resul Pookutty's audio wizardry from their days of Devdas, Black, Saawariyato his next film.

    After creating history by becoming the first Indian to bag the Oscar Award for best sound mixing for Slumdog Millionaire, Resul Pookutty is now looking forward to put his audio wizardry in Sanjay Bhansali?s next film featuring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai
    Bachchan which is scheduled to start later this year.
    Resul and Sanjay Bhansali have earlier worked together in Black (2005) and now, the duo is expected to work for the first time on an outdoor location in Goa. The challenge this time is to make Goa feel, look and sound different from what it has been in umpteen Hindi films.
    Sanjay recalls his first association with Resul and says, ?My assistant Vikram Motwane had suggested Resul?s name. For Devdas, Resul recorded the sounds of a hurling train for the climax, I hadn?t met Resul then. For Black, I worked with him for the first time on a complete film. I realised how meticulously he designed the sound and by sound, I also mean the way Resul uses silences on soundtrack.?
    The filmmaker further says, ?Though Black had its share of outdoors, most of the film was shot on the sets. In Saawariya, Resul?s challenge was also to create the outside world and relate it to timeless visuals all within the studio. It?s sad that his magical use of sound in Saawariya went unrecognized. The way he merged day into night through incidental voices and sounds or for that matter the way he recorded the sound of water lapping or an anklet falling into the water was wonderful. He?s a perfectionist to the point of being irritating at times. In my next film the challenge will be the opposite. To create a cinematic quality of sound on outdoor locations where there are a multitude of intrusive sounds.?
    According to Sanjay, Resul is extremely demanding of his actors. ?Our actors are not used to sync sound. Resul is very particular and doesn?t allow the actors a chance to lose focus for even a second. He?s very clear about how he wants the actors to speak.?
    Sound, Sanjay feels, is not given enough importance in our cinema. ?Resul always felt sound wasn?t given the importance it deserved. He has brought a stature and dignity to this much-neglected art form. Resul is wonderfully committed to his work and also has a great sense of humour. Resul and I would sit for hours during Saawariya listening to his sound creation without the background music. There?s a thought behind every sound effect he creates. Once, while shooting Black he shouted ?silence? and someone?s mobile went off. All of us, including Resul, began laughing which went on for the next ten minutes.?
    Sanjay feels Resul?s Oscar triumph would change the way Indian cinema looks at technicians. ?He has brought glamour and excitement to the process of creating sound in our cinema. He?s a wonderful boy and has given such a wonderful thank you speech on receiving the Oscar.?

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