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    Default The original Dream Girl Hema Malini left a producer speechless!

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    Beauties like Hema Malini are timeless and so are some of the characters they portray. Whether Basanti from Sholay or the different as chalk and cheese Seeta and Geeta from the movie Seeta Aur Geeta. Well, the big one is all set to come to the small one. That is - the movie is being remade for small screen. NDTV Imagine will soon have Seeta Aur Geeta , which will be produced by Sunil Bohra with Anjori Alagh portraying the title role of both Seeta and Geeta. Well, since the producer couldn’t have the dream girl act in the show, he decided to have the next best option; he called the beautiful Hema Malini to grace his press conference at least.

    As he says, “I approached Hemaji through a common friend of mine. Initially Hemaji was very reluctant but my friend, who is a senior journalist, managed to get her. When I discussed this idea with the channel they were very happy and coordinated everything thereafter.” But, Hema Malini has such an effect on people that on the day of the conference he couldn’t utter a word. “I had cold feet for the first time. Hema Malini is the epitome of beauty and dignity. When I was asked to speak, it was like I lost my voice and just thanked her for the special gesture,” says Sunil. When it concerns someone like Hema Malini herself, even the coolest of them are spellbound. Ask Salman Khan John Abraham, for example.

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