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    Cool No L’oreal fight between Ash & Sonam

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    Well recently their were rumors that Ash declined to endorse a fairness cream for L’oreal which resulted in her being replaced by newbie Sonam Kapoor. However Sonam has a different tale to tell.

    She says, “Ash and I both are the ambassadors of Loreal, however some reporters created mischief, by saying I am promoting the fairness cream. Mine is a white perfect cream meant for skin pigmentation and fairness. It’s a deep pigmentation cream meant for Asian skin as girls in their twenties face a lot of hormonal problems in this age. Also Ash had not refused it as she was not offered this product in the first place.”

    The girl has a point there, Ash is very fair, it would be stupid of L’oreal to take a fair face like Ash and make her dark to show the results of the cream.

    Well lets hope Sonam’s comment end this matter as of now.

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