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    Default Onir's next an adaptation of 'Hamlet'

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    Filmmaker Onir's upcoming venture is "Veda", loosely based on Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet.
    "The script of the movie is in the final stage and we will begin shooting by March next year. Titled 'Veda', it is a loose adaptation of Hamlet and will be shot in Lucknow and London," said Onir who is also producing "Chauranga".
    Initially, Onir planned to shoot "Veda" in South Africa and London, but later changed his mind.
    "The film is a love story set in the backdrop of the Lucknow chikan industry. I had thought of shooting the film mostly in South Africa and London. But now, I intend to film it mostly in Lucknow with a bit in London," he said.
    "When I first came to Lucknow, I totally fell in love with its architecture. The city has a texture. I just wanted to shoot here. That's when I decided to shift my film from South Africa to Lucknow."
    In the city to participate in a seminar organised by the 18th Kolkata International Film Festival, he also revealed plans to shot his next production in West Bengal's Purulia.
    "I cannot reveal much about the project but I would be producing the film which is probably a Hindi movie and would be shot at Purulia. Initially, we had planned to film it in Jharkhand but later changed our minds," added the filmmaker.



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