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    Default Nupur Mehta denies any involvement in match fixing

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    Little known Bollywood actress Nupur Mehta who acted with Sunny Deol in 'Jo Bole So Nihal' all of a sudden, is finding herself flashed all over the media. Her picture was published in the Sunday Times for her alleged link with bookies to homey trap cricketers.
    The paper carried a picture of the actor, with the face blurred, wearing a green sequin bikini.

    The London newspaper (Sunday Times), in a front-page article headed: "English cricket in bung scandal" said it had evidence that tens of thousands of pounds was being offered to players to throw part or all of international matches, including last year`s World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan.

    Nupur Mehta, whose blurred image was featured by The Sunday Times of London as the Bollywood starlet with match-fixing links during 2011's India-Pakistan World Cup cricket semi-final, on Monday denied the allegation and has declared she plans to sue the newspaper for maligning her name. Nupur Mehta said she was a cricket fan like any other but had nothing to do with the match-fixing case.

    On this issue Nupur said I got a phone call from abroad. But I took it as a joke initially, but now it has become a serious matter. I am shocked. The allegations against me are baseless and there is no truth in it. Even though I am a big fan of cricket but I have no relation with cricket.

    "All these allegations are false. I am not involved in this I can never think about match fixing. My pictures have been used without my permission by Sunday Times," Nupur told reporters here.

    "I am upset... I was at my home watching the match and not at Mohali during the India-Pakistan match," she added, speaking in Lokhandwala near Infinity Mall.

    Nupur said cricket had always been associated with Bollywood.

    "I am honest and innocent," said the actress. She parked her car at the road side, came out dressed in a black knee length dress and spoke to the media.

    While Nupur continues to deny her involvement, some other names have cropped up. A source said, "There is a possibility of another actress who comes from a political background being involved in the fixing mess."



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