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    Default Nikhil Advani hunts for junior Akshay Kumar

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    Mumbai, Dec 23 : Nikhil Advani is in a fix. The shooting of his new film 'Patiala House' has started but he hasn't been able to find the right face to play the junior Akshay Kumar. The director may launch a talent hunt to find the suitable teenager.

    The scenes are part of a flashback where Akshay's on screen father, played by Rishi Kapoor, interacts with his 17-year-old son.

    "I've to find someone who looks and behaves like Akshay. His personality is too strong in the audiences' mind to sign any teenager. I've to get someone who resembles Akshay physically and who can act because the scenes are very important. I'm in a fix," Advani told IANS.

    One option is to hold an all-India talent hunt, but Advani is not so keen.

    "The talent hunt is an option. But I don't much care for it. It's cumbersome and would attract too much attention. I'd rather go by Akshay's cousin if he agrees. Every time I ask, he smiles. If this doesn't materialise then we'll reluctantly have to launch the talent hunt," he said.

    The director also needs an actor to play young Rishi Kapoor.

    "But that won't be such a problem. The physical resemblance is not that important here. Didn't Saif Ali Khan played the younger Rishi Kapoor convincingly in 'Love Aaj Kal'? We need an actor of about 35. I plan to cast someone unknown," said Advani.

    The earlier plan of casting Ranbir Kapoor as Rishi was dropped. Both father and son vetoed the idea arguing that whenever they come together it would be for their home production.


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