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    Default I was nervous facing the camera after 25 years: Neetu Singh

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    I was nervous facing the camera after 25 years: Neetu Singh

    Her vivaciousness was her trademark in the many films she acted in, but Neetu Singh admits she was nervous while facing the camera after more than 25 years for comeback film "Do Dooni Chaar", in which she stars opposite husband Rishi Kapoor.

    "Yes, I was indeed nervous when I was called for my first shot in the film, " Neetu Singh told. "I was facing the camera after more than 25 years and was conscious on the sets. "

    As expected, the scene went off well as she was quite comfortable once she had to give her take.

    "I was wondering how I would be able to memorise my dialogues and deliver them well. It was bound to happen though and I settled down after my initial nervous moments, " said Neetu, who debuted as a child actor more than 40 years ago in "Dus Lakh" and has acted in around 50 films.

    "Do Dooni Chaar", being made by debutant director Habib Faisal, will see her playing a typical Punjabi wife of a Mathematics teacher (Rishi Kapoor) in Delhi's Lajpat Nagar area.

    Neetu said she decided to make a comeback on the big screen after much persuasion as she was happy looking after her family.

    "Except for an odd still-shoot here and there, I hadn't done much for the camera over the years. Yes, there were offers to act all this while but I wasn't too keen. I was happy looking after my family and home, " said Neetu, who featured in hits like "Khel Khel Main", "Amar, Akbar, Anthony" and "Kabhie Kabhie".

    So what really made her return to Bollywood?

    "My kids are doing good now and are settling down in life. Riddhima got married and Ranbir too is doing well for himself. He is going in the right direction. There are good roles being written today and this is when I decided to give acting another shot, " she said.

    Neetu is quite happy playing a middle-class Punjabi housewife in "Do Dooni Chaar", instead of making a quintessential big-bang comeback.

    "'Do Dooni Chaar' is quite interesting. It is a meaningful light hearted entertainer. Rishi-ji plays a Mathematics teacher while I play his wife and a mother of two grown-up kids. My clothes too have been designed on the lines of those that are typically worn by women in this part of the city, " the actress said.

    Neetu Singh's last big release was opposite Amitabh Bachchan in "Yaraana" (1981), though she did later feature in lesser-known films like "Chorni" and "Ganga Meri Maa".

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    Then no need to face , I don't like to see you ....Thanks for sharing

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    lol monu. not a good thing to say. it would be nice to see her after so long. thanks for sharing payal



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