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    Neil hopes this will change when he has the firepower of Yash Raj behind him for his new film, Lafangey Parindey. The film also stars Deepika Padukone.

    Neil has finished shooting for the movie, and believes that this might well be the one to lift him into the stratosphere. Relaxed after his stint, Neil says: "Itís always nice to work with Yash Raj, and this time I got to work with Pradeep Sarkar, and that was nice."

    If you notice a hint of reluctance to talk about the movie itself, that isn't accidental: Yash Raj is notoriously secretive, and is thought to have iron-clad non-disclosure agreements with its stars and crew, prohibiting them from revealing details about the movie.

    Neil says he is sad that the shoot was over and that they had to separate. "We became good friends over these three months, and then suddenly, it's time to go our separate ways. I have been playing the character for so long, but after just that one word ĎCutí, itís all over. We wrapped up with the shooting and parted ways, but now, I'm waiting for it to release."



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