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    Default Neil will be a talking point with David: Bejoy

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    After the critically acclaimed film Shaitan which marked Bejoy Nambiar's Bollywood debut as a director, his next looks to be equally promising to say the least. Nambiar's multi starrer David has an ensemble cast that adds to the film's charm. In conversation with the award winning director.

    For David, you have a varied cast coming from different backgrounds. How did you think of casting Vinay, Vikram and Neil?
    I went about it in segments. When the script was ready, I bounced it off to Vikram with whom I've worked in Mani Ratnam's Raavan and Raavanan. I'm a huge fan and he was the first to be cast. Initially I approached him for Neil's gangster role but he liked the fisherman's role better. And I'm convinced that no one could play it better than him. For Vinay's role, we auditioned a lot of people because we had to go with someone new. Eventually we zeroed in on Vinay. As far as Neil is concerned, I loved his work in Johnny Gaddar and New York. I always wanted to work with him but the film was bounced off to many people before going to Neil.

    What about Tabu and Isha Sharvani? How did you think of them for this film?
    You tend to have a wish list of actors you want to work with and Isha was one of them. I approached her for Shaitan too but she turned down the role. I was very sure I wanted some one angelic to play the role of a deaf and mute girl so Isha fit the part. As for Tabu. I'm a huge fan! Who is not a Tabu fan? She heard the script and I didn't need a second meeting to convince her. By the end of the script reading, she agreed to be a part of the film.

    In spite of being a good actor, Neil has not been able to establish himself in the A-listers. Will David change it for him?
    I can't say if David will change things for Neil because I cannot guarantee box office success but yes, he'll be a talking point with my film. He will be appreciated and people will like his work. He will definitely stand out. He transforms the gangster's part to make it his own.

    Why a bi-lingual simultaneously?
    Initially we were making the film only in Hindi but when we cast Vikram, we realized he had a huge fan following and a strong base in the South. So we thought why not? There is a wider scope to experiment although the Tamil version took some time as we had to alter it.

    Will David have shades of comedy to it considering it's a gangster film?
    It's a multiple genre film that will have lots of drama, comedy and action. Neil's story will be a gangster drama. Vikram's will be a romantic comedy and Vinay's story will be coming of age.

    The music has been composed by different bands and artists. Does that bring about a balance to your film?
    I always try to go with the sound. I let it drive the script. There are 2-3 sing songs. They are part of the narrative. The rest are used in the background. I love working with new sounds, artists and music. I try to do it more in my film.

    Shaitan was dark and intense and youth oriented. Will David be on the same lines?
    David is very far away from Shaitan in terms of mood and treatment. In sensibility they may be similar because I try to keep it as natural as possible. David is a very ambitious project. Shaitan was for the youth. Though David may appeal to the urban sensibility, it will have a wider audience.

    Will you continue in the same genre or explore more commercial light hearted films as well?
    I would definitely love to explore all genres and explore and challenge myself as a film maker. I will try to do something different.

    You've worked with Mani Ratnam. Has he influenced your style of working?
    I'd be lying if I said no. I've grown up watching his films and adore them. I'm not trying to imbibe him but I'm influenced by his work. Subconsciously he's always there in my mind.

    You've directed shorts films for a youth based channel. Will you turn to television at some point?
    TV is a no for me. Not looking at TV any time in the near future. I've had one experience and learnt a good lesson.

    Among your contemporaries, whose work do you like as a director?
    I like Dibakar Banerjee's films and Ayaan Mukherjee's too. Though I've only seen one of Ayaan's films. Anurag Kashyap is not my contemporary but I'm always looking forward to his films. Same goes for many directors from the South.

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