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    Exclamation Neil Nitin Mukesh has a secret

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    Neil Nitin Mukesh has a secret
    Neil Nitin Mukesh has a secret. For the film that he has just shot with Bipasha Basu in Bangkok called Freeze , his character has a camera with supernatural powers.

    "Oh. so you know about it? So no point in hiding it from you?" says Neil just back from Bangkok after an exhausting schedule.

    Hesitant to talk about the film's big USP, Neil says, "We've had movies about people who could see in the future. But none where the the whole concept of the 'camera can't lie' has been used in such an unexpected way."

    Besides learning to take photographs like a pro Neil had to pretend he could see more through the lens than meets the eye.

    "To me the most interesting part of the film was the fact that though it's a film about supernatural powers and how they can destroy or build your life, there aren't that many overt F-X in the film. We've used the supernatural element in a very thrilling way."

    That's all Neil reluctantly reveals about his role. But according to sources the character reaches a point where he sees his own death in his own camera. Bipasha plays the girl who averts the impending catastrophe in Neil's life.

    Says the actor, "In fact at one point in the story Bipasha has to push me off from the 9th floor. Wonder why she keeps doing that. Didn't she also push Saif in Race?"

    After jumping off the highrise in Bangkok without any harness and without informing his parents Neil is under house arrest in Mumbai.

    "I never told my parents about it. If I had my father would've caught the first flight to Bangkok. He freaked out when he heard about it. Now I'm not allowed to do any action scenes, dangerous or otherwise, " says Neil sheepishly.

    "Luckily, the new Yashraj film with Kabir Khan that I'm starting this week has no stunts."

    Having shot with the gorgeous Bipasha, Neil now pairs up with Katrina Kaif in the new Yashraj film. "Such lovely ladies and I'm still single. Maybe the camera in Freeze will tell me when love will happen to me."

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