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    Default Neha was forced to beg on streets!

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    I was asked to wear a wig and beg on the streets,” Neha recounts her first day in college. The actress admits that she wasn’t very regular in
    college but whatever time she did spend in college was “fantabulous”. “The whole journey of entering into DU and getting out of there after three years of non-stop masti was an amazing experience,” she says.

    A student of history, Neha shares how she loved being ragged. “My ragging experiences are completely hilarious. Those wigs we had to wear were so weird! They completely changed the way we looked. Then we were asked to go and beg on the streets, but it was so much fun. And I was not apprehensive about doing such bizarre things. Ragging was completely in good spirits. Nobody wanted to harm anyone.”

    She may have loved getting ragged but she adds that she never ragged her juniors. Not that she didn’t want to but because her beauty sleep was way too important for her. “We made big plans when it was our turn to rag the fuchchas. We kept brainstorming about the whats and hows, but our plans fell flat on their face on the morning of the first day of college. I called my friends and told them, ‘Girls, I think I just want to sleep. Who cares about ragging juniors ya!’”

    she remembers. And Neha adds their gang of three friends in college was like Charlie’s Angels. “The three of us were complete brats. And we were not double-faced. We made it very clear to our teachers that we were not interested in studying anymore,” says Neha, adding, “I think it took us a year to understand that we were in a very strict college.” The actress also remembers walking down to her college while we take her down memory lane. “I detested commuting in buses or auto rickshaws. I always preferred walking,” says she.
    Any college canteen memories, we asked her. “JMC had and still has the most amazing canteen ever. You get everything there,” says Neha, letting us in on a little secret too, “There were two groups in JMC – the rich brats and the fauji brats. The rich ones used to sit in the canteen and the fauji ones used to sit near a chhola-kulcha wala outside the college on the footpath.” She also mentioned how she was really fond of the chhola-kulcha she used to have outside the college.

    The actress says that she wasn’t very fond of hanging out anywhere else other than her college. “I was not much into dressing up, so I never went to the nearby markets to shop like most of the other girls did,” she says. And adjusting to a life in a convent didn’t come easy for her either, as she was from a co-ed school. “I am more attached to my school, but college is also special. My fondest memories from college are of the first and the last day, as these are the only two days you realise how drastically life is going to change,” she philosophies.

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