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    Default Neha doesn't mind being called sexy

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    If you thought Neha Dhupia was sexy, let us tell you that she just got sexier, and the credit for it all goes to an Egyptian — her trainer,

    Ahmed, who has been boyfriend Ritwik Bhattacharya’s most “awesome discovery”.

    So is Neha learning to walk like an Egyptian these days? “Nah, we stick to gym routines. It’s a mix of spinning, yoga, weights and cardio. I want to be fit, at the same time, I don’t want to be some ‘she-man’, you know with those bulging muscles and all,” Neha laughed.

    Currently shooting for Action Replayy with Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Bachchan, Neha describes the experience as “great”. “I’ve worked with Akshay before, he’s a dream co-star; and it just doesn’t get more gorgeous and talented than Ash! There are a host of other releases I’m looking forward to as well — from Raftaar to Pappu Can’t Dance
    Saala; and De Dhana Dhan to Bollywood Hero,” said Neha.

    Being a perfect 10 bod, oughtn’t she shed those clothes and re-do the two-piece? “I got so much flak when I wore a bikini then. Today, when other actresses are doing it, it’s become a rage. The entire two-piece incident slowed down my career. I suddenly had an image to fight,” said Neha, who insists that ‘sexy’ isn’t what ‘sexy’ used to be! “Today ‘sexy’ is more aesthetic and not packaged with sleaze.

    Today ‘sexy’ is cool as opposed to being hot. You’ll see me emerge in a swimsuit in one of my forthcoming films... So I’m not shying away from ‘sexy’, but my bikini act will be within my personal space for the time being, and not for celluloid. So if you see me chilling out in Goa, you may just spot me in one.”

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