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    Default 'Natasha makes me perfect': Fardeen Khan

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    Fardeen Khan is back as the 'charmer brat' in 'Dulha Mil Gaya'. India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu caught up with the actor at Sirkar Johure store in Kolkata, while he was busy surfing Gitanjali's Asmi jewellery

    It seems you have a knack for jewellery... Just window-shopping for Natasha (wife)... (jokingly).

    You had four releases this year and all set to start 2010 with Dulha Mil Gaya (Jan 8 release). You must be excited?
    Of course; Dulha Mil Gaya is a very special film to me. My character has various shades and I have given my best to this film.

    Tell us more about your character-Donsai- in Dulha Mil Gaya.
    Tej Dhanraj is heir to the Five Billion Dollar Dhanraj Empire. It was his 'Dom Perignon' social life in Trinidad that gave him the name 'Donsai' (Trinidanian slang for 'dollar'). He has commitment phobia and believes there is no reason to ever get married. Then one day, Donsai falls in love and it was cataclysmic...a spoilt boy becomes a responsible man.

    But don't you think this storyline is a much-used formula in Bollywood?
    Watch the film and you will know why this one is different. Muddasar Aziz (director) has given a complete new treatment to the film.

    You have been cast opposite Sushmita Sen for the first time. How's the experience?
    Ever since I joined the film industry, I wanted to work with her (Sushmita); an amazing actor, a wonderful person. It took long before finally my dream came true.

    Sushmita-Fardeen is quite an unusual pairing...
    Yes, I agree. But the storyline demanded this pairing. And now I hope the audience will accept us.

    Most f your films are multistarrers (for eg: No Entry, Heyy Babyy, Life Partner, All The Best, Acid Factory). Why don't you try more solo leads?
    It's not that I have not done films where I am the only lead actor. But I always give priority to the script and my character, when it comes to say 'yes' to a film. I don't mind being part of a multistarrer because I know if my performance is good, audience will definitely appreciate me.

    Also, most of your films are comedies...
    I love doing comedies. I have had fun with comedy and it is probably been my most successful genre.

    What is your dream role?

    I want to play 'Dracula'. I can give my arm for that role.

    What is the status of remaking 'Qurbani'?
    We are working on the project. Besides, I am two more untitled films in 2010.

    In Dulha Mil Gaya you play a Casanova. Are you a family man in real life?
    Definitely yes. I have the most beautiful wife...Natasha makes me perfect. She is everything that I wanted in a wife.

    What is that one thing that is keeping you together ever since you were married in 2005?
    Food (bursts into laughter). Both of us are foodies...we love eating and so family time always has a meal involved.

    Are you planning any addition to your family?
    We would love to have a few babies running around.


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