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    Default Naseer's priorities change while choosing characters!!

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    Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah may have turned sixty but he is yet going strong.

    "Thirty five years ago I wanted to do films with great roles and also desperately wanted to be recognized on the bollywood map. However, I have been lucky enough making a name for myself on the bollywood. Ironically, at this juncture of my life I have changed priorities I am not looking for mainstream cinema or any great character all I crave for a good happening and an intriguing tale with a different character. Lucky to have been bestowed upon characters not portrayed on the silver screen as yet by the younger generation makes me feel privileged though."

    Well surprisingly enough Naseer was deprived of being offered any romantic role on reel. "Yes! It's not that I have been deprived of performing a romantic role but I feel it is the other way round...Nonetheless in real I am very romantic at heart. But I fail to understand how come the directors could not see me performing romantically inclined character. In ISHQIYA opposite Vidya Balan I did perform romantic sequences in a challenging manner. This is the only romantic character offered to me in my life time," He smiles.


    Discussing about his character in film MICHAEL he quips, "This police officer's role is unlike any other police officer's character seen on the silver screen. This character is chucked out of the police job. Unknowingly he commits crime just to offer everything to his son especially what all he has to do in order to celebrate his son's birthday day is a remarkable sequence. I as a Police Officer have my own you may watch the movie and know more about it. No this police officer cannot be compared to Arthsatya's P.O."
    THE BLUEBERRY HUNT in which he plays a Marijuana Planter, The actress of this film Aahana Kumra belongs to Naseer's prodigy; she has learnt her acting lessons under the guidance of Naseer in the Whistling Woods institute.

    Sources reveal that Aahana considers Naseer as her guru, and he shares a very guruly kind of a relationship.

    As a guru what has Naseer taught Aahana, "I always ask my students to get into the thick of the character. For the matter of fact I follow a Russian form of acting and teach this Russian form of acting to all my students. If they perform well they will definitely bring out the artist in them."



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