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    Default Nana Patekar shoots for KDM despite back injury

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    So engrossed was the 62-year old Nana Patekar with the shoot of Percept Pictures’ Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal (KDM), that despite a back injury, he was always dot on time for the film’s shoot.

    When we enquired about his pain, Nana shot back saying, “Injuries are like guests. If you treat them well and pamper them, they stay back and refuse to go away. If you keep yourself aloof from their existence, they leave as quickly as they came.”

    To prove his point, Nana said that he effortlessly lifted Shreyas Talpade on his shoulders for a pose for the Priyadarshan-directed film.

    “It is important for each of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to let go of addictions. I have. So can you. And once you are healthy, go for walks, do yoga and quit bad habits like smoking and drinking,” advices Nana.



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