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    Final Choice: Pallavi Jaipur and Sonakshi Sinha.

    Bowing Out: Neetu Chandra

    Shatrughan Sinha's beti Sonakshi refuses to walk ramp with the Oye Lucky... actress

    Actress-in-waiting Sonakshi Sinha, better known as Shatrugan Sinha's daughter, was the showstopper for designer Pallavi Jaipur at the Lakme Fashion Week in the city yesterday.

    Neetu Chandra was to walk for the same designer as well but was dropped because the star daughter refused to walk the ramp with the Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! girl.

    A source close to Sonakshi reveals, "Pallavi wanted Sonakshi to be the showstopper for the Fashion Week in Mumbai and had also approached Neetu Chandra for the same.

    She informed Sonakshi that she would be walking the ramp along with Neetu.

    Sonakshi said that she didn't want to walk the ramp with a B-grade actress.

    Luckily, Pallavi had not finalised anything with Neetu so she never called her back and took Sonakshi on board."

    The source continues, "The designer wanted an actress along with Sonakshi and approached a couple of B-Town actress but everyone was tied up."

    Says Pallavi, "Sonakshi was the showstopper for my collection. Initially, it was difficult to get through to her.

    I didn't really get in touch with Neetu since I heard she is shooting. Eventually Sonakshi got finalised and she walked the ramp for me and suited my collection perfectly."

    Says Sonakshi, "I heard you spoke to Pallavi and I really don't want to comment on this." Says Neetu, "I was never walking the ramp for Pallavi."

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