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    Default Nagesh Kukunoor breaks his promise to not make love stories

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    here's an age-old adage: Promises are made to be broken. And Nagesh Kukunoor has done just that. He had promised he would never make a love story, but he has made one now - MOD - which teams his fav actress Ayesha Takia Azmi with Rannvijay Singha. "That's true," Nagesh laughs, "I can't make the standard boy meets girl, they fall in love, face obstacles, unite in the end kind of a story… that's beaten to death. But when I saw an international film at a festival, I decided I had to remake it. Of course, it's a love story, but there's a twist in the tale, which makes it different from the love stories we are used to watching." However, he adds quickly, he has retained the essence of the original film, but given his take to the story.

    Ask Nagesh if he's done working with big stars after 8x10 TASVEER [with Akshay Kumar] and AASHAYEIN [John Abraham] bombed at the box-office, he's quick to retort, "There are lots of reasons that make a film a success or failure. Those films didn't work not because they starred big names. There were other factors too. But that hasn't dissuaded me from working with big names. In fact, I am working on a number of scripts currently and some of them demand the presence of big stars. If I decide to make those scripts, I would surely opt for big names. Why not?"

    Meanwhile, MOD hits the screens on 30 September.



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