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    Default Musical war between Sippy and Bhushan....Reason? Ayushmann Khurana

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    Unwittingly, Ayushmann Khurrana’s decision to sing and compose at least one song in all his starrers has triggered off a conflict of interest between the producer Bhushan Kumar and the director Rohan Sippy of Nautanki Saala. The bone of contention is the new-age sound that Rohan wants to create through the voices of Ayushmann and other young singers, and the more conventional film songs that Bhushan Kumar’s company has been patenting since the 1990s.

    Says our source, “When Ayushmann offered to sing and compose a track for Nautanki Saala Rohan jumped at it. It was just the kind of new eclectic sound that the director has dug since he made Pocketmaar.
    Bhushan on the other hand is a bit of traditionalist. He has convinced Rohan to include a remix of the old T Series chartbuster Dhak Dhak in Nautanki Saala. Bhushan is all for a new sound in films. But he believes that the film sound can only be taken this far on the route to informality.”

    When contacted Bhushan Kumar admitted there were differences of opinion, though nothing major. “Rohan Sippy respects my ideas in music and I respect his ideas. Where we disagree is that Rohan tends to tilt towards a Western sound. That’s when I’ve to step in to remind him that Western sounds work in Hindi films only to a point. Indian melodies have to be balanced with Western sounds. We’re going to have 7-8 songs in Nautanki Saala.”

    Bhushan further stated, “Ayushmann Khurrana didn’t put down a condition that we have to use his song. Secondly it was made clear to Rohan Sippy from Day 1 that I’d be involved in the music. He agreed that I had a great music sense and agreed to let me be an active part of the musical process. We at T Series are the producers of Nautanki Saala. I am not a sleeper producer. I take active interest in every aspect of a film specially the music since we have a tradition of producing and marketing music. I give full freedom to my directors to do what they wish, except the music where even Salman and Shah Rukh Khan trust our judgment. Even Ekta Kapoor has confidence in my music sense. We’re working closely on the sound of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2. Salmanbhai takes me into confidence for each one of his songs. Keeping my track record regarding music in mind, no director objects to inputs on the music from me and my team which includes 3-4 trusted music-minded people. When we feel a song is not working, we drop it. It’s as simple as that.”

    Bhushan further explains, “There is nothing like my personal tastes coming into play. I understand the music market. Ever genre of film music is okay by me as long as the songs are likeable. It took me two years to recreate the Dhak dhak song from Beta that was a big hit for Madhuri Dixit during my father(Gulshan Kumar)’s time. I finally got the right remix/recreation from a musician called Mikey. Wouldn’t you say that is a good example of my ability to bring traditional film sounds forward to contemporary times? Grant me a sound judgement for songs. I told Rohan Sipyy that I’d only allow him to use Dhak dhak when I am satisfied with the final remix. In my film it isn’t an item song.It’s sung by the entire cast.So we’ve turned around the item song to a youth anthem. Would you say I lack a knowledge of what works?”

    The dispute between Rohan Sippy and Bhushan Kumar leaves us with one question. Would Ayushman’s insistence on singing for his films eventuate in further such clash of interests in future?

    Ayushmann confirms he will sing in all his films. “Maybe I’ll even compose a song in my starrers. But I’ll sing one track for sure. In Nautanki Saala I’ve again composed and sung a Punjabi track. I composed and sang Paani da rang in Punjabi for my guru Shoojit Sircar’s Vickey Donor,and it proved lucky for me.”

    Ayushmann is now getting ready to assist Shoojit for a brief stint in Jaffna. “I’m definitely taking time off to do this. I was completely misquoted in an article where I was heard saying I don’t have the time to assist Soojit-da in Jaffna. This is something I have to do.”



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