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    Default Murugadoss wants to direct SRK!

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    After teaming up with Aamir Khan in the hit movie "Ghajini", Tamil director director Murugadoss now wants to work with Shah Rukh Khan and says
    he is working on a story right now.

    "Yes, I'm working on a subject. I had a meeting with Shah Rukh Khan
    once and I discussed a story with him. But frankly nothing has been finalised. We are still to meet many a times before a decision is taken," Murugadoss told reporters Monday at the launch of new Kannada film "Suryakanthi".

    Murugadoss' "Ghajini", a remake of a Tamil hit, grossed about Rs.250 crore.

    "Hindi film industry is big. The budgets are huge and we have freedom to narrate the film in a big way. I would like to direct one more Hindi film and then return to make South Indian films," he said.

    The director says he incorporated several changes in the script of Hindi remake after watching "Memento".

    "I watched 'Memento' before writing the script of 'Ghajini'. But one thing I have to emphasise here is that the characterisation of the hero was changed after I saw 'Memento'. In my original script, I had made the hero as a handicapped person after sustaining injuries. But I had changed it and included the memory loss syndrome after seeing Memento," said Murugadoss.

    The director also said he had several rounds of discussion with lead actor Aamir who helped him to create a different script.

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