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    Default Mumtaz recalls Dara Singh

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    ďI am here in London, and I just heard about Darajiís going away. Sad. He was not only my first leading man. We worked together as a lead pair first in Faulad, then went on to do at least 10 films together - I didnít keep count. He was also a very dear rishtedaar. His brother was married to my sister Mallika. So Daraji was more than a co-star. A dear man and a truly kind soul. I remember I was only 13 when we did our first film together . Did he help me feel comfortable? On the contrary cinema was a new medium to him. I had already done films as a child artiste. So I guess I was more experienced (laughs). I am a self-taught actress. Daraji and I did what was considered in those times to be B-grade films. Nowadays action films are very much the Ďiní thing in the Hindi film industry. Back then they were called stunt films, and looked down upon. So although he had a terrific personality, a great physique and a big fan-following Daraji was not really taken seriously as an actor. Neither for that matter was I for a long time. So in a way we were both sailing in the same boat when we worked together. Working with Daraji was always a whole lot of fun. Though I donít recall all the films we did togetheróit was so long ago!--I always felt very comfortable working with him. Itís sad to see someone whom youíve known closely for years pass away. But thatís life. I am going to be 65 this month. And Iím proud of announcing it. Why run away from age and mortality? Theyíre a fact of life. I waged a long and intense battle with cancer myself. I had gone into a coma. But I emerged a winner.Ē

    We all will miss Dara Singh ji!!!



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