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    Default 'Mumbai Mirror' talks about women’s rights and safety

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    Actor-producer Sachiin Joshi's Mumbai Mirror talks about women's rights and safety.

    And, with news of the recent gang-rape in New Delhi and the ensuing debate, the film, directed by Ankush Bhatt, will keep the fire burning. Says Sachiin, "My character, a cop, cannot tolerate injustice towards women. He fights for their rights and protects them."

    Apparently, there is a gang-rape sequence in the film, too. When asked whether it is an attempt to cash in on the recent incident, Sachiin denies vehemently. He says, "It is just a coincidence that a gang-rape scene is there in my film. But the Delhi case is the most tragic incident I've read about and I would never even think of cashing in on something like that."

    Says Ankush, "We had shot the rape scene last year and never knew that this would happen in real life too. In the film, we have shown Sachiin meting out justice the way he thinks is right as he feels that going the legal way has its pitfalls."

    On his character, Sachiin says, "Abhijeet Patil doesn't think twice before drinking on the job, snorting substances, hanging out in dance bars or betting money on cricket matches with bookies and due to some circumstances loses his job. Thus, he becomes a bouncer in a nightclub and ends up protecting those women who men try to act fresh with."

    He further adds that the hatred for cops is uncalled for. "I want to tell people, there are good cops and corrupt cops. Let's not judge everyone. I have tried to portray my character as authentically as possible and have shown the hurdles they face in the line of duty," says Sachiin.

    Mumbai Mirror, produced by Viiking Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd, releases on January 18.

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