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    Default Mugdha: There's a DEEWANA MASTANA situation in WILL YOU MARRY ME?

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    For the first time ever in her career, Mugdha Godse would be enjoying an outing where she is the centre of attraction. From playing a strong supporting role in FASHION to the central protagonist in WILL YOU MARRY ME?, it has been quite some journey for the dusky woman. Meanwhile she is seeing a flurry of compliments coming her way, courtesy her character in the film where she drives quite a few men crazy.

    It is pretty much a DEEWANA MASTANA kind of a situation where these boys (Shreyas Talpade, Rajeev Khandelwal) are trying to 'pataofy' me. Then there are some other girls who get involved as well, hence adding on to all the confusion, drama and misunderstandings. With a wedding scene happening alongside and people falling in love, there is a lot of humour and comedy that comes in. There isn't much of rona-dhona in WILL YOU MARRY ME? as the film is mainly about partying, celebrations, good looking people, fun and pure entertainment," details Mugdha.



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