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    Default Full Monty would just kill me: Vivek

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    He was holidaying in Greece when Vivek Oberoi got a call to come down to Mumbai to shoot a first look promo for Kookie Gulati’s Prince.

    Without thinking twice, the actor got his tickets preponed and reached Mumbai at the crack of dawn. Instead of heading home, Vivek drove for over three hours to report on the sets for a 9 am shift. By the time he had finished shooting, it was past seven in the evening. Though Vivek is keeping his look in Prince under wraps, he gives TOI a peek at what gives him the kick to deliver this way

    Why did you cut short your holiday in Greece and return to India?

    Kumarji (Kumar Tauraani) felt that this would be a great opportunity for our film, Prince. I’d do anything for my producer and my film! And honestly, the idea of the stunt I was to pull off (sorry, I’m not allowed to disclose those details as yet) was just too exhilarating for an adrenaline junkie like me to refuse.

    The buzz is that you’ve changed your look completely in the film. How much have you stretched yourself to look different?

    Prince is, by far, the most physically demanding character I have ever portrayed. I had to push myself through a rigorous training regimen to achieve the speed and the agility that the character possesses in the film. Martial arts, advanced wirework, dirtbike stuntwork, skateboarding, intense physical training and a whole lot of guts helped me pull it off. And I must say that I loved every second of it!

    Bollywood actors are okay with nudity on screen if the script so demands. Would you refuse a powerful role if that required you going Full Monty? Or would you agree to it provided the cinematographer cheats while taking such shots?

    I am principally an extremely shy guy. It took a lot for me to do kissing and passionate scenes in Prince. I kept cracking up into peals of awkward laughter right before the ‘kiss moment’! In fact, at times, I felt like I was the ‘heroine’ and my leading ladies (all three of them) were being so nice and supportive. It was hilarious! I think Full Monty would just kill me and even with the DOP cheating shots, it would take A LOT for me to pull it off!

    You’ve also done some daring stunts in the film. Why didn’t you use a stuntsman while jumping off an aircraft? Do you like living on the edge?

    What? And let the stuntsman have all the fun? NO WAY! I simply love it and I feel so safe with Allan (Amin) around that it all feels like a big fun adventure! It was crazy. While in Cape Town, in the midst of all that high octane action, I relaxed on my one day off by skydiving! I was jumping off a plane from 12,000 feet with a
    parachute on my ‘rest’ day — that was very relaxing for me!

    Prince also sees you acting opposite British actor Aruna Shields. How exciting is Bollywood for this British actor?

    She was adorably fascinated and confused — all at the same time! We hit it off real well and I think it will show in our chemistry (on screen, that is) !

    With some interesting films in the pipeline and a changed attitude towards work, do you think your performances in the forthcoming films could soon give you the space where you are hailed as the quintessential Bollywood prince, who would soon be crowned?

    How did you get access to my dreams? In any case, who doesn’t dream of success? I’m working really hard and giving it my all. I won’t be dishonest by saying that ‘I have no expectations’ All that’s just bulls**t! I do aspire to a life that’s the stuff of dreams. I am a dreamer. It’s only now that I’m not just dreaming but working my butt off for it!

    When do you begin shooting for Rakta Charitra? With the intense Suriya as your co-star, does the project seem even more challenging now?

    I’ve known Suriya a while now. We’ve been friends and have admired each other’s work a lot. So, I’m super excited with him being on board! It will be great to share the screen with such an awesome talent. It always brings out the best in me and makes me strive harder!

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