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    Post Mona too gets 'Bollywood Ticket'

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    Mona Singh joins the bandwagon along with other TV actors who are making their filmy debut. The actress will be sporting a role in Raju Hirani's '3 Idiots'.

    Says Mona ďMy character name in the film is Mona. Kareena and I am Boman Irani's daughter Kareena is playing doctor in the film and I am playing a lady who is married. Itís a very challenging role something, which I have never done before. Itís mad, itís funny. I have to study a lot about the role and the character. I was talking to Raju Hirani and Boman about it. The involvement of my role is mostly in the climax of the film, which changes everybodyís views and opinions.Ē

    Talking about her plans to do more films at present, she tells, ďSince itís a Vidhu Vinod Chopra, a big banner film so I am taking it easy. There has been a couple of offers but at present I am not considering them because the script is not very challenging for me and right now just concentrating on this project and later I will see whatever comes my way.Ē



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